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We live our values and improve lives through higher education.

Being courageous, acting with integrity and remaining true to our mission, we improve the lives of our students, faculty and staff.


“The passion I see in management and coworkers to be innovative and solve problems is phenomenal.”

We challenge the status quo and take strategic risks to provide adults from all backgrounds access to higher education.


“The emphasis is on ethical leadership, transparency and fostering diversity.”

We treat all people with respect and we communicate candidly and honestly.


“I work on an amazing team with a common goal: do what is best for the students.”

Staying focused, we work smart to provide meaningful academic experiences and rewarding careers.

Work for an organization with a mission you believe in.

University of Phoenix careers are meaningful and fulfilling. You'll help nontraditional students that comprise a diverse student body earn college degrees that can help improve their lives. While we certainly offer great compensation and benefits, our people tell us nothing is more rewarding than seeing students graduate and receive college diplomas.

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We asked and President Peter Cohen answered.

1. Where is University of Phoenix going?

University of Phoenix is a national leader in helping working adults and nontraditional students achieve their higher education goals. Throughout our history, we’ve helped students realize new opportunities for themselves, their families, and future generations. We continue to build on this legacy with a relentless focus on student outcomes and by refining and improving how we serve and support our students every day. We strive to provide educations that are career-relevant and that helps employers and employees address critical skills gaps all around the country. Guided by our Core Values—Brave, Honest, Focused—we’re devoted to ensuring that any student who wants to pursue professional development has the best possible partner in University of Phoenix.

2. What would you say are the most compelling reasons for talented people to consider a career with University of Phoenix?

A career with University of Phoenix is an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of students who are determined to create a better future. It also offers the chance to be a part of an organization with significant social impact, both through the achievements of our graduates and the positive role we play in communities across the country. We cultivate a strong company culture of respect and support for our employees and faculty members—not only because we know we cannot accomplish our mission and vision without their hard work and commitment, but because we believe it is the right thing to do. Listening to the voices of our people is deeply important to us. We go to great lengths to live up to our Core Values by regularly soliciting their input and by maintaining transparent and honest communication in all our operations.

3. Why did you choose to join University of Phoenix?

I’ve always been fascinated by education and its power to inspire us and alter the course of our lives. We get to be a part of that magical experience every day at University of Phoenix. We work with students from every different background imaginable, and it’s hard to capture what an amazing feeling that is. But what really drew me here more than anything else was the fact that innovation and trailblazing has always been central to everything we do. The University has been at the forefront of so many trends and it has done so, in large part, to make higher education more accessible to historically underserved communities. This combination really appealed to me. From my first days here, I could tell I was joining an organization that’s truly special.

We are many things to many people.

Diverse people with unique perspectives make University of Phoenix their employer of choice for different reasons. Like them, the traits you value most in an employer you‘ll find with us.


Who works here?

University of Phoenix staff and faculty are ambitious, go-getters who believe deeply in lifelong learning. Our people have professional and personal goals and are willing to overcome challenges to achieve them. They are inspired knowing what they do enables people from all walks of life to learn and grow. Most of all they are motivated and talented. All have the will to rise.


A culture of camaraderie

Being an employee at University of Phoenix means becoming a valued member of a close-knit community. Our online degree programs create a fully distributed workforce and yet we remain a singular and unified team of extraordinary individuals.


Help others achieve

University of Phoenix students are eager to grow personally and professionally. Working here, you‘ll experience firsthand how a degree positively impacts adults and their families and how education improves our communities and society.


Succeeding with students

We have teams of highly talented and dedicated individuals who take their jobs and roles seriously. Our people are good at what they do, putting students first in every decision and being generous with their time and expertise to help students succeed.


Teaching from experience

The experience our faculty members bring to the classroom is as diverse as their professional backgrounds. Our faculty ranges from elementary school principals, district attorneys, CEOs, counselors and nurses to professionals from Fortune 1000 corporations and local governments.


Resources to advance

Ongoing workshops, mentorship programs, innovative educational technologies and global professional networks are a few of the many faculty resources that make teaching careers here interesting, enjoyable and rewarding.


Being immersed in community is in our DNA. We volunteer, support organizations, and donate generously. Giving back is what we do.

The distinguished President‘s Volunteer Service Award was presented to 47 University of Phoenix employees for their community service.

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