We rise together.

A shared passion for learning inspires success in all of us.

We are an innovative and respected community of lifelong learning. Together, we thrive enriching lives through education.


We're a mission-driven culture of community and camaraderie.

University of Phoenix takes great pride in its culture of community. On campus and online you’ll experience the Phoenix spirit. Working together toward achieving a shared goal of student success, we thrive in unified and focused environments. The support we give one another on our individual paths to personal and professional growth creates an incredibly positive atmosphere.

We’re also a community that volunteers for local and national causes in our neighborhoods. This culture of caring continually reminds us that giving to one another and giving back to our communities make us better people and a best-in-class university.


“Belonging to a supportive and caring community motivates me to be my best.”


"Living the Core Values, leadership creates ethical and mission-driven workplace environments."


"Helping underserved adults earn a college degree is an incredibly inspiring and rewarding career."


"Respecting all people, differences are appreciated here."


"Having the resources and tools to achieve student success empowers both professionally and personally."


"Working alongside creative and passionate people, collaboration comes naturally."


"Being honest with students and each other creates an atmosphere of professionalism and trust."


"Focusing on the student experience, we're always innovating and discovering new ways to move forward."

Why us?

Join University of Phoenix and you'll become a valued member of our energized and mobilized community working to change the lives of our students, their families and future generations.

Brave. Honest. Focused.

This is University of Phoenix. This is you.
Together, we rise.


We care for our planet

Environmental sustainability is an integral part of being a socially responsible company and at University of Phoenix we are deeply committed to this effort.  We’ve adopted an Environmental Commitment Statement that reads: University of Phoenix is committed to deliver educations in an environmentally responsible manner.  These aren’t just words; they’re actions.  We have done this through environmental, social and financial responsibility efforts, including comprehensive environmental policies and business practices.

Our goal is to prevent pollution, minimize waste, lower our carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as conserve energy and natural resources while improving the health and safety of our facilities. In the future, more changes for the better will take place because we constantly look to improve the lives of all, Mother Earth included.


Winter Classic volunteers give back to Phoenix children.

University of Phoenix teamed up with the Arizona Diamondbacks for the annual Winter Classic at Chase Field in Phoenix. During the 2017 event, elementary students from local non-profits interacted with Diamondback baseball players and more than 150 University of Phoenix volunteers. The day included arts and crafts, games, reading and the opportunity to interact with a mechanical dinosaur and animals from the Phoenix Herpetological Society’s petting zoo.

Approximately 600 elementary school-aged children participated and every child received a pair of athletic shoes, a D-Backs sweatshirt and two books.

“This is hands-down the most popular volunteer event we have each year at University of Phoenix. I hear over and over again what a meaningful experience it is,” said Lauren Keeler, Director of Community Engagement. “The Winter Classic is a good way to give back to the community, get to know coworkers better, and have fun in the process.”


Scholarships awarded

Since 2011, University of Phoenix and the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation have made higher education a reality for Arizona residents through the Teaming Up for Education Scholarship program. From our Provost, Dr. John Woods: “The University is proud to provide aspiring students the opportunity to pursue their educational goals that help make their dreams a reality.”


Giving back to communities

University of Phoenix brings corporate social responsibility to life in meaningful ways. While we have locations nationwide, we give back to the local communities in which we live, work and play. We believe that healthy, vibrant and prosperous communities benefit our employees, their families and our neighbors.


Earning a degree is not easy, and the fact that we offer access to education to all adults regardless of background is what brings people to University of Phoenix.


Being generous is living
the Phoenix spirit.

Beyond improving the world through higher education, University of Phoenix believes in being a socially responsible partner to our communities. We help strengthen our neighborhoods through cash donations, in-kind contributions, curriculum and instructional assistance, and volunteerism. We also award scholarships to deserving students who might otherwise be unable to afford a higher education.

Education. Workforce. Community.
At University of Phoenix, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ means we partner with national and local non-profit organizations that align with our key focus areas: education, workforce and community. Our donations focus primarily on helping children and at-risk youth; military members and veterans; and underrepresented populations.


Working here is a pleasure for many reasons.
Here are just a few of them.

At University of Phoenix, you don’t just work for an institution of higher learning; you also work for the men and women who come here to learn, grow and earn a college degree.

When you make us your employer of choice, you choose a career with the most inspiring bosses you’ll ever meet — our remarkable students. We encourage you to take a few minutes to get to know some of them.


I am proud to work for an organization that gives back to our community in various ways.


Glancing back and looking forward.

"Organizations must have a coherent philosophy, a clear direction, and the strategies to make the journey successful."

Dr. John Sperling

In the 1970s, John Sperling, PhD, a Cambridge-educated economist, professor and entrepreneur, noticed a rapidly widening gap in access to higher education as a result of a dramatic shift in workforce demographics taking place. At the time, more and more people, especially women, were becoming wage earners; some out of need, others out of desire and many out of both need and desire.

To bridge the education gap and to provide opportunities to individuals long overlooked by institutions of higher learning, Dr. Sperling founded University of Phoenix in 1976. Addressing the needs of working men and women, classes were held at night and critical elements of the curriculum were designed around collaborative learning.

Learn more

I am inspired to be a better employee and person each day I come in to work.


Learn how we're making education accessible to all.


Proud to teach – and learn from
– our military men and women.

Over 600 University faculty and staff members have United States military backgrounds and we can’t thank them enough for their service. Their varied experiences across all branches of the military make them uniquely qualified to be University of Phoenix faculty members and staff. These men and women bring different life experiences to our workplaces and they provide a strong support network for our military students.

We go to great lengths to help active military and veterans earn a degree. Our classes and curriculum can help these students enhance their military careers or transition into civilian professions. On-staff military representatives guide these men and women toward discovering programs that are relevant to their goals and desired career outcomes.

Many of our veteran faculty and staff are also actively engaged in our Veteran’s Employee Resource Group. This vibrant employee-led organization is one of our five valued ERGs. We invite you to explore them all on the Diversity page of this website.

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