RedFlint wins award one year
after opening in Las Vegas.

University of Phoenix announced that its RedFlint experience center in downtown Las Vegas has been awarded the inaugural Las Vegas Business Press 2017 State of Nevada Innovation Award for the education sector. The Innovation Award recognizes RedFlint for making an impact on the state’s community and economy through innovation in education.

“Receiving the State of Nevada Innovation Award for education is validation to the impact startups and small businesses are making here,” said Shavonnah Tièra Collins, Managing Director of RedFlint. “It is an honor for RedFlint to be recognized among so many other outstanding Nevada organizations that are helping create a better future for this community.”

RedFlint was selected for its efforts to provide the local community with access to the latest technology and professional development workshops. Also contributing to the award was Redflint’s commitment to helping small businesses and startups grow their organizations or get them off the ground. RedFlint aims to close the “skills” gap created by rapid technological advancements. IT innovations have caused professionals who are otherwise qualified within their fields to fall behind due to a lack of technical savvy.

The 26 Innovation Award winners were selected by staff at the Las Vegas Business Press for being leaders in the industries of conservation and sustainability, education, health care, manufacturing, nonprofit, the public sector, real estate, research, science and technology, and tourism.

About the RedFlint Center

Based in the vibrant innovative technology and business community in downtown Las Vegas, the over 10,000 square foot center located within the Bank of America Plaza building provides and hosts local resources to help educate, incubate and accelerate business ideas. The open floor plan boasts a variety of tools and spaces to support a variety of business needs. The RedFlint Experience Center encompasses advanced technologies and an experiential, hands-on learning environment to address and lend solutions for common issues including stagnation inside established businesses, a lack of resources for entrepreneurs and startup ventures and slow adaption to the technology curve.