Our Core Values articulate how our faculty and staff live and work.

University of Phoenix tackled a comprehensive, in-depth initiative to revisit, identify and define its Core Values. The project’s success depended on staff and faculty participation and, as expected, everybody shined. They, in essence, showed how we are: Brave. Honest. Focused.


Every day is an opportunity to live our values.

“The dialogue has been enlightening and inspiring as I’ve heard firsthand what you (faculty and staff) appreciate about the work we do and about your commitment to the success of our students,” said Cohen. “While we heard a lot of common themes throughout the conversation, a few truly stood out as foundational to who we are, who we’ve been and who we are working to be.”

“These Core Values define how we work together, how we make decisions, how we treat one another and, ultimately, how other institutions and individuals view us. They are an important rubric through which we evaluate what we do and how we do it,” Cohen continued.

The University is proud to have unveiled such authentic results. Reached through open collaboration, these values are not simply something we put on paper. Our values are what we live every day through our actions and words. We can articulate our values as a University, but we can only make them real through our conduct as individuals.

Our new Core Values reflect the University’s history. They are values we believe our founder Dr. John Sperling himself would have identified with, and they are values he would recognize here today.

We invite you to join us and to help us achieve our mission. As a University of Phoenix faculty or staff member, you’ll experience what it’s like to live these values; you’ll experience how it feels knowing what you do helps to improve the lives of our students, their families and future generations.


Greatness doesn’t come out of being comfortable. John Sperling knew it. When he saw that traditional college classes were out of reach to working adults, he dared to hold them online and at night. To move the University forward we need to channel that spirit of bravery by saying what needs to be said, challenging the way it’s been done and having the courage to try new things.


To be the most trusted provider of higher education for working adults we must show an unparalleled level of transparency. That means being honest with students, alumni, employers, and most importantly, each other — even when it’s hard. We keep our word and follow through on promises. Together, we’ll acknowledge our failures, learn from them and pivot quickly.


If we want to be known for what we do, we have to do it better than anyone else. That can only happen when we center everything around our students, work on initiatives that support their needs, reduce complexity and do fewer things better. Because quality over quantity is more than a mantra – it’s our way forward.

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